Dedication To Radio…

I want this to be real.

I know it can’t be 🙁

I know of at least one person who did set someone’s script on fire from the bottom to see if he could finish it in time however…

4 thoughts on “Dedication To Radio…

  1. Rough translation of what he’s saying :
    “And the dog show raised €187.60 for the church roof fund. The overall competition was won by Mrs Lopezs chihuahua while the cutest dog title went to Mr Sanchezs poodle.
    In other local news, a sum of money was found outside the post office..Anyone wishing to claim the money should contact Mrs Valedoz the post mistress.
    Be sure to stay tuned for this weeks radio bingo coming next….”

    Dead air is a crime 🙂

  2. Very strange – googling “City 99.5fm” comes up with various references to an internet radio station in Greece… but I can’t then find that internet station. Bizarre. Therefore I side with Rick and say that it’s not real 🙂

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