Don’t Look Now…

A strange thing happened to me last night.

I came home around 11, was about to read in bed for a while when I looked up at the bookshelves (groaning at me softly and insistently at the best of times) and…

I started spring cleaning.



I decided to readjust everything so the shelves on the right would only have ones I hadn’t read yet. Make it easier when I’m going to pick something new. I’d just finished the Alastair Cooke Letters From America 69-79 I mentioned earlier and, an hour later, when everything was reorganised and looking a bit more orderly I picked my new one – a creepy 1974 edition of Daphne du Maurier short stories:




Three things struck me.

(1) You’d run away with Julie Christie. You really would. Even crazy Julie Christie.

(2) There was a name inscribed on the inside – Judith C. Jones. I liked that. A bit of history. I wonder who she was, when she owned it, what she did…

(3) 1 down, 84 to go…

4 thoughts on “Don’t Look Now…

  1. Never read the short story but the film is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. It must be watched:
    b)at night
    c)about 3′ from the telly
    for best effect.
    And yes, I’d run away with Julie Christie.

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