Dream Analysis Anyone…..?

I don’t dream very often but when I do I try to remember them the next day. I’m crap at this, so as a result, I’ve taken to taking notes if I wake up in the middle of the night so I can remember what happened and chuckle gently at the workings of my psyche at its most vulnerable.

Then, there was last night.

I opened up my phone this morning, I’m going to transcribe word for word for you what I wrote at 4.15am last night.

Party by the river love. Photographing bands, problems with SNOOP leading to Dalek guerilla war. Getting president to play guitar. Tunnel going down instantly. Getting there by balloon?

Maybe I shouldn’t take notes in future…..?

10 thoughts on “Dream Analysis Anyone…..?

  1. Amazing! My most random dream in the last while was of being on a train going to visit a friend of mine. The train stopped and nobody was allowed off for hours…and then it was dark so the vampires were out. I text him to say I was going to risk doing a legger to his cottage by the train station, “Cool. See you if you make it then.” was the reply. I did make it, but then we had to go out again because in the dream the friend was a doctor and the neighbour up the road was having this weird issue with excess bone growing out of her and needed him to keep cutting it off until she had her baby… yeah, more of a nightmare really, and completely strange….but nothing compared to the insides of your head O’Shea. I only wish I dreamt about daleks.

  2. So:

    It’s 6am in Greystones and you’ve just been kicked at Cinema Trivia. You head to the river to recover and The Who are there, embroiled in a bitter war with SNOOP and his cronies. You take a RickPic of the band but the flash signals the Dalek guerrilla army who swoop down and exterminate everyone. Mary McAleese steps out from inside one of the Daleks brandishing a Deluxe Stratocaster and blasts the cover off her secret underground tunnel. She smiles at you and hand-in-hand you both step into her hot air balloon and slowly pilot it down into the belly of the Earth…

    That is messed up.

  3. um, best dream ever!

    Last night I dreamt I had an iPhone that was able to control killer robots that were trying to murder me on a train, and then in a school gym.

  4. Last night I had such a convoluted dream. Within a short span, I rescued children from an angry boar that lead a pack of dogs, got a car of of a super tight spot my husband had put it in, worked to solve a murder by finding a brownie the victim had cooked, went to a lecture where a stranger served me fabulous coffee in a glass and silver cup and got scolded for losing focus on my life. Had several projects tossed at me at which point I woke. Any clues as to what’s going on in my dream world?

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