DZ-015 – The Origin Story

I’ve been thinking in the run up to the blog’s third anniversary on Sunday about changing the name. There’s a good reason for this. Originally it was just, which, after the *ahem* demise of the breakfast show it represented became, temporarily “Mostly Harmless”.

Then, at a time when in all honesty I was less then thrilled with my job and was starting to become disillusioned with what I did in life and was seeing myself as a cog in the machine, I renamed the blog “DZ-015”

Loads of people have asked over the years… Actually scratch that. A surprising lack of people over the years have asked where the name came from but I think that before I consign it to the dark I should give it it’s 15 seconds of fame. 

Thus – DZ-015:

I don’t feel that way about my job at all anymore so maybe the time has come for the name to go. A new name to come when I’ve given it a bit more thought. The head is too tired at this stage….

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