Erskine Childers Grave…

Ended up last weekend in a beautiful part of Wicklow on the way to Glendalough, passing by a sign on the side of the road saying “Erskine Childers Grave”.

Now, given that we’ve only had 8 presidents I thought the swift turn left would take us into the glorious final resting place fit for a Greek god…

Instead we stumbled on an ancient, beautiful, if heavily overgrown, graveyard with a ruined church in the centre…



It was gorgeous, the light was great, exactly the sort of place I love, lovely for photos, they take themselves really…

Then my attention was drawn to an obviously relatively new plot in the corner, and there it was:



Surreal to say the least.

3 thoughts on “Erskine Childers Grave…

  1. Hi, my late grand uncle was caretaker of the chuch for many years.
    He and my Grandfather were reared in the little cottage opposite.
    Their brother was killed when his bicycle brakes failed as he was cycling down the hill. He shot across the main road and was killed by …guess who’s car…..Childers.
    The entire area has a very magical and spiritual atmosphere.

  2. Hello
    I am seaeaching for the grave of the author Erskine Childers grave. He wrote the book Riddel of the Sands. Some of it takes place in the near erea where i live here in Denmark. He was father of primeminister Erskin Childers.
    Was executed by the british army 1916 i Dublin.
    I am going to Dublin in september and would like to find this grave.

    Many greetings from Denmark

    Bjørn Clausen

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