I’m still interested in Facebook.

Probably because it’s the only social network I have that’s entirely populated by people I actually know. I have a personal page that’s just for that and a show page for anyone who wants join http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Rick-OShea-Show-Official-Fan-Page/22238815061

Actually on the subject of that why does anyone join groups on Facebook? As far as I can see all people have done is join my group and then forget about it 🙂

Nice to see they joined in the first place I suppose…

11 thoughts on “Fakebook

  1. All the extra applications and stuff do nothing for me and I’ve spent a while rejecting invitations to become a knight, a prospector on the Oregon trail, a bleedin’ astronaut… still though, I’m addicted to facebook at this stage.

  2. I don’t know why I join groups on Facebook. Pretty much all I’ there for is to lay an unhealthy amount of Scrabble.

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