Favourite Movie Ending…….?

This might not be a bad idea if it’s gotten someone interested in their office…


Mark said…

From the people in my office

Monty Python and The Holy Grail
Sixth Sense
The Crying Game (ignoring the middle bit, the end by itself is unusal)
The Empire Strikes Back
Boys Don’t Cry
Million Dollar Baby
The Graduate
Rebel Without a Cause
Fight Club
Alien 3
Being John Malkowitch
Some Like It Hot
Gone With the Wind

And My favourite,

2:23 PM

Check below – it’s the Movie Endings posting.. Might mention on the radio tonight if we get any response… Check with all around you and post to the comments or mail rick@2fm.ie – what’s your favourite unorthodox movie ending and why?


2 thoughts on “Favourite Movie Ending…….?

  1. *Giggles* I debated it but the uplift at the very end stopped me. That and the alternative ending from the Simpsons

    The especially edited for Senior citizens version of Gone with the Wind is also a classic. “Didn’t there used to be a war in this picture”

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