Finally, I Am Complete…

It is days like today that this job is the coolest in the world.

I arrived in, there’s a box on my desk.

Inside it?

Retractable Wolverine claws.



They make the noise and all.

I am now the most feared person in the office, finally… Bub.

19 thoughts on “Finally, I Am Complete…

  1. P.Donegan would love one of those for cleaning his chicken coup I’d say. You can take the girl outa the bog but…

  2. Wont that make texting awkward?

    When you are bored with them can I have them for cycling to work?
    Would be great when people try and side swipe me when I signal I’m turning!! 🙂

    Amsterdammed Wolverine Style!

  3. A) Wear one on your head to Maybury’s party

    B) your space bar is really shiny – how frickin’ much do you use that computer?

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