Finally I Get To Meet Glen Hansard…

Just sorted finally that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova will be in next week to talk about the gorgeous new album The Swell Season and to play some live versions of tracks from it.

Be of the marking in the diary – next Tuesday night after 10…


4 thoughts on “Finally I Get To Meet Glen Hansard…

  1. I met Glen coming back from Prague last year. Nice guy but I don’t think he appreciated the fact that I told him he looked: “fecking wrecked”. He did look tired though. 🙂

  2. I know 🙂 I spoke to him yesterday and was talking about Rattlebag (he hadn’t heard it) and was very impressed to her that you didn’t really like the Frames but really liked this…



  3. I know, I feared for my life – apparently you can’t say anything negative about the Frames or you’ll be lynched in this town!

    I have nothing against their music whatsoever, it’s just that they never did much for me, although I like a couple of tracks.

    The Swell Season is the best thing Glen’s ever done, but hey, that’s just one little opinion. 🙂

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