6 thoughts on “Finally, The Watchmen Trailer…

  1. It’s never going to be able to capture the depth of the book. I think that would be impossible to do in one feature length movie. I’m looking at it as an interpretation, because that’s all it can be. It’s very close to my heart, but the trailer does look totally awesome.

  2. The trailer has addressed some of my concerns (a lot of the scenes look very faithful to the comic), but others still remain.

    I’m really worried about the fact that they seem to be playing up the action so much. Hopefully they are just showing the bits from the flashbacks but the bits showing Nite Owl really looked wrong, even for the flashbacks that was too much action from him and in the present he is meant to be overweight and out of shape.

    I don’t feel that Ozymandias is handsome enough or has enough presence.

    I still feel they went too far with the Silk Spectre’s costume, it’s far too sexy and PVC.

    We better get to see Dr Manhattan’s genitalia for most of the film. It would be a cop out to keep it hidden and it is important to his personality (that he is naked).

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