Foster Children

I’ve spoken before about my love for Norman Foster’s work. I remember him from such projects as

The Swiss Re Building in London



The New Wembley Stadium



The glorious Millau Viaduct Bridge



The design for the new Nou Camp in Barcelona



This piece of loopiness in my favourite country, Kazakhstan!



and the New Mexico Spaceport!



There’s hassle about him at the moment because his company are responsible for the proposed redesign of the Clarence Hotel…



I know some people have likened it to a flying saucer landing in Temple Bar. Bloody brilliant!!! A bit of beauty for once in the Monday morning stench of piss and puke…

The rest of the beautiful, beautiful design is here:

8 thoughts on “Foster Children

  1. its amazing how many arguements this new Clarence Hotel design has caused on the ‘official’ U2 fan club forum. most of the ranklers dont even live there, but everyone has an opinion i guess. most hate it. most think bono and edge have gone over the top (but wont say it quite like that) and most think its horribly out of place amongst the rest of the buildings.

    since i’m in construction (i’m a carpenter by trade) i too have an opinion 😉 I dont like to see change happen just for the sake of change, but i do recognize that just because a building is old doesnt make it worth saving. if its falling apart and in need of repairs, why not make it a showcase? besides, it’ll fit nicely with the U2 tower being built across the street is it? lol.

  2. Hmmm. Interesting the preceptions from the far side of the world. The Clarence is far from old and dilapidated (it’s one of the swishest hotels in town if a bit in need of renovating) and the U2 tower? A mile or two away to the southeast…

  3. Yup! It’s a lovely place, I hear.

    The streets being paved with gold I will have to see for myself… I’m going this weekend – I’ll bring ya back a stick of rock or whatever passes for rock there 🙂

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