Get Rich Thick…

Yesterday asked you for the best get rich quick schemes you had come up with in the past…

A few stood out:

I know a guy who cut out cardboard to look like magic tree air-fresheners. He did hundreds of them exactly like the real thing then sprayed them with air-freshener and sealed them in plastic. He made a fortune, but the smell lasted about 5 mins once open.

When we were young lads in the summer, we’d go playing pitch and putt, and after an hour or so we’d get bored, so we would search the surrounding fields for stray golf balls. After finding a few we would then sell them back to the club house for one pound each. We thought we were geniuses.

Sold red roses to the people attending the concerts of Chris De Burgh – made a fortune.

Had sex with this woman (42) while I was supposed to be cutting her lawns and she paid me for it. I was 20. It makes me a male prostitute.

As a child I used to go down to the TV lounge in a hotel, and shoved my hand down the back to the couches and searched for money. Got over 30 punts one night!

While working in America, I made money by donating sperm. It was very lucrative for a while till I developed arthritis.

I know a guy who, when the pope came, got a bunch of round flat stones, painted them white and yellow and sold them as “papel weights”.

I used to spy on my sister and her boyfriend and read her diary and tell my parents everything for cash.

When I was a child about 10, I used to pick the flowers around my area like roses etc. and knock on all the doors selling them. They thought I was cute so they used to give 2 pounds for each.

I rented my brothers car out when he was away at work in New York for 3 months. I never told him.

I used to let my Ma spit her chewing gum into my mouth for 20p when I was 4. Won double chewing gum and 20p.

I used to work for a company filling condom machines and put in a bad packet to block the machine. People could still put in money but were too shy to go to the bar and say the machine ate their money. I made a mint!