Getting Twunk



Hello to everyone from Twestival last night! If we’ve tweeted before, you saw me passing buy you, copping a glance at the name tag on your chest and then nervously moving on, there’s a very good reason for that.

You have nice boobs. I’m terminally shy.

Stop laughing. Seriously.

“Rick”, isn’t. He has to be a “personality” for the sake of the job but ask anyone who knows me to hang around with and I can be very, very quiet with new people until I get to know them. So, sorry.

Shy to the point where, for instance, I would have loved to have chatted properly with @emordino but all I could do was blurt out something about his magnificent beard (that it is).

Shy to the point where I was in the IFI the other night, killing time before meeting someone. The legendary Neil Hannon was sitting by himself two tables over from me having a pint and reading the paper. Now I don’t “know” him per se. I had him in on the old show a couple of times and he was always lovely. I was on the jury the year he won the Choice Music Prize. But even bringing myself to say “Howya Neil” as I left would have been unthinkable.

You have no idea what it took a couple of weeks ago to introduce myself to MayKay from the FLApes at a gig we were both doing!!! It exchange I got a huge hug and a brilliant chat so maybe I will try harder in future…

Only took a few pics last night.

@thechrisd was in disguise…





And guess who poured candle wax all over the back of my hand?

That’s right.




Also, The Sycamore Club is FAR too nice for the likes of all of us. I wandered into the very top room to meet the guys and only after realising it was a bit nippy, looked up to see that it’s open to the sky.


9 thoughts on “Getting Twunk

  1. Looks like ye had a good night!

    I am ridiculously, *painfully* shy which is rather annoying. I completely lose the ability to talk in proper sentences and instead giggle incessantly and smile nervously. As I said, rather annoying. Gin and tonic helps though, heh!

  2. Rick, that’s so endearing that you, erm, a “celeb”, are too shy to speak to other celebs! I too can also pretty shy but it manifests itself in awful awful rambling and like Annie, giggling. Ugh, cringe.

  3. i totally ‘get’ it. if, no.. when you and I meet, and we shall, I shall take the initiative and not only start the conversation, but give you a well deserved hug and handshake – just dont mind the ‘dont hug me vibes’ i throw off 🙂

  4. Nah you guys are too nice to be shy around! I am making my way to SoundCheck on Thursday so be prepared for me to smile nervously a lot…. 😉

  5. My. Fucking. God. Do I really look like that? Not that I would know given how little of me I tend to release onto the Interwebz. I don’t even use mirrors at home usually!

    It’s such a pity Darren turned into a bottle halfway through the night… 🙁

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