7 thoughts on “Glen Hansard Talks To Us With 48 Hours To Go…

  1. I fail to understand Ben, the amount of random personal abuse directed at him for seemingly no reason. Really do.

    I’m only sure it’s going to get worse now that he’s won.

  2. See i look at it like this, I loved the Frames, they were my band i grew up with. I went to see them in Whelans when they weren’t so big and were supporting others. I’ve fond memories about taking one of my first girlfriends to Whelans to witness the AWE that was The Frames. Saw them support David Gray in the Point and i guess thats when ‘the hansard’ started to boil over. At that gig he gave out to the crowd for chanting the bassist on during Star Star when he got to sing his portion and after when the concert started cheering for joe.

    THEN at a gig in Whelans, the last time i saw them play not only were the support band not that good but hansard came out and without even playing a song completely TORE into the audience for talking through the warm up band and not respecting them enough because they flew them in from America. And at the same gig he ripped into a couple of Derry supporters (They had played Dublin that day) who were having a merry time and singing along to all the songs, all in good taste for Whelans! And when they left the stage one of the lads hopped onto the stage and started chanting (wait for it!)
    “We want the Frames” (DEDICATED fans)
    ..the rest of the band came out and asked did the lads want to sing a song, now i think they sang ‘oh i wish i was back home in derry’ then hansard comes out and has a hissy fit and orders them off stage

    Now thats a few years back, and the last time i’d buy a concert ticket for the Frames and or an album. I like the band but i don’t like the whole concept of the lead singer being bigger than the band kinda thing and that’s what happened. The whole telling the crowd to shut up while he tellin the same old stories in between songs.

    Just my tupponce man, fair dues to them for the oscar n all

  3. Still personal abuse Ben, and remember everyone of us has off nights.

    Fair enough that you’ve qualified what you said, let’s leave it at that. I’m no token Glen defender but I won’t allow abuse of anyone here. There are plenty of other places on the web for that.

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