Glitch In The Matrix


There I was having breakfast in town by myself yesterday morning. Nothing unusual in that you might think. However, I think I may have found a glitch in The Matrix.

I don’t know about you but ever since I saw the movie years ago I’ve had moments here and there where I’ve wondered…. Hmmm…..

So there I was having a very delicious brekkie and there are two guys sitting two tables up from me having a business meeting. Both mid to late twenties, dark hair… Hang on. Both wearing similar white shirts with purplish stripes and dark purple ties. Same trousers. Same shoes. Hang on. Nah… It’s just my paranoia. I get on with eating and drinking coffee.

They leave a little while later and then I spy the older gentlemen two table up again. Both in their sixties. Both doing business-like things again. Both with totally grey hair, glasses, beards. Both with short sleeved shirts. What the…….?

Have I stumbled on a deficiency in the program?

For one brief period of time has The matrix run out of individuals and so is sloppily duplicating extras and I’m the only one noticing?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

3 thoughts on “Glitch In The Matrix

  1. interesting; the last I’ve noticed is only a “time-shift” when I see what I’ve been seeing sooner; I’ll try to focus and maybe I’ll find more of the “glitches” too. C’ya.

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