Glorious, glorious magazines….

I absolutely LOVE Eason’s in O’Connell Street. As a kid I was brought in there almost every Saturday to get my weekly fix of comics, magazines, books and my love for it continues.

Was in there on Saturday and perused the finest selection of magazines known to modern man.

A magazine for people who collect magazines!!!!!!

And a magazine for the PS3 even though it’s not in shops til Christmas….. Wow.


3 thoughts on “Glorious, glorious magazines….

  1. I thought I spotted someone familliar yet decidedly un-nerving as I browsed the selection of photography magazines on Saturday trying to kill some time. Blast you for not coming up to stephens green to buy some photos!

  2. Sorry man – only found out about the photography thing after it had happened…. When are you coming up to pic me for your project?


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