Godzillas From the Depths…

2 postings already on Sunday…. Hmmmm, either means I have to get more going on in my life or that I have so, so much to say. You choose. Worrying is that someone has set up a fan club for the show on Bebo (no, it wasn’t me….) More worrying still is that people appear to be joining.

Finishing my music early today and out of the depths this week come the veritable Godzillas that are:

Richard Ashcroft – Music Is Power
Gorillaz – El Manana
OK GO – Do What You Want
Director – Reconnect
Jack L – Authentic Fake
Hard-Fi – Better Do Better
Zero 7 feat Jose Gonzalez – Futures
The Blizzards – Trouble

And the one we played last week

Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova – Sleeping

I highly recommend all…