This was spotted by more than one eagle eyed member (no pun intended) of the show team this morning.

David Beckham in a new ad. Just how real is it. One of us suggested his head has beeen shrunk to make the rest of him look more manly. The abs have obviously been photoshopped and how much of the bulge is real, how much is padding, how much is fluffing?


Then there’s “real” DB of course…



7 thoughts on “Goldenbulge

  1. If you look closely enough you can see a few ripples or bumps on the you know wotsits. So i think that they could be real. Jeepers no wonder why victoria walks so straight.

  2. well posh has had her melon “balls” pumped up before so why not pump up the golf “balls” aswell… this is a time of equality. There was also a little seen report that Vic hade lost a pair of tights. hmmmmm I wonder where they could have disappeared to…. any thoughts anyone?

  3. Much as I love the man, I’m slightly disturbed and had to close the page as soon as it opened in work today!

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