Gotta Love The Ranting…

Here’s one for ya.

On the show Bebo page I periodically got what I saw as Spam from the social networking site It came in the form of a stock message from one of the shows friends that would turn up in my comments exhorting me to join their site.

Grand if there’s one or two, but because the Bebo has thousands of friends there was a point where I was getting dozens of them a day and they were the only thing in the comments at all.

I gets on my high horse and sent them a politely worded e-mail saying “Lads, this is only going to annoy the very people you’re trying to convert” and clicked send fully expecting to hear nothing of it.

Then I got this:

Hi Rick,

Thank you for contacting nimble.

The function you are referring to is an invitation message that nimble users can send out to their Bebo friends. The messages are sent by the users themselves so its completely by their own choice. This is similar to the function on Bebo which offers users to invite their friends through Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, etc.

However, the function has been taken down and we are considering whether we should keep it down in response to your comment.

PS. We love your show!

With Regards

the nimble Team

Jaysus. A ranting e-mail got me somewhere. Now where do I send the one looking for Jordan and Peter Andre to have their citizenship of Earth revoked?

4 thoughts on “Gotta Love The Ranting…

  1. let us know if you ever get an address for that one Rick, there’ll be a queue a mile long (at least).

  2. I agree.

    Our bebo page was all nimble last week. Since they love your show, will you just ask them on-air to leave the feature disabled.

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