Hallelujah! We Have Vision!!!

Jaysus…. For some reason Blogger has decided to intermittently let me post photos again so let’s try to get as many as possible up while the wind is blowing in the right direction or whatever….. 🙂

Followed by my gig a full week ago now in Monaghan!

More to follow for as long as the intrasuperweb holds up…

One thought on “Hallelujah! We Have Vision!!!

  1. Hi Rick,
    Blogger has been having a load of problems over the last 2 weeks. I think they are in the middle of a software upgrade, new features hopefully. I had serious problems posting for a few days last week but that seems to be fixed not. I personally havent had any problems with photos, but I dont post many. On some forums people complained that photo posting was not working. Could be worse though, some people claim their whole blogs got deleted. Ah, the joys of IT 🙂

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