Hassle Me…

I’m writing a book.

There, I’ve said it.

Can’t take it back now. And that’s kind of the reason I’m saying it here. Now that it’s out I’ll be plagued by friends, co-workers and family from here to (hopeful) publication. If I say it here than i can’t slack off or postpone it forever as I’ve done so far.

I’ve always creatively written since I was a teenager but the daunting task of writing full length fiction has always brought on a huge case of writer’s block. I think that, like almost every Irish man who writes, I’ve done the whole “but sure why would I even try when it can never be as good as Joyce/Beckett/Yeats etc etc etc”.

Found a snazzy little mind trick to switch that off once and for all – write shite.

Maybe that’s being a bit harsh but what I’m sketching out is more Mike Gayle and Nick Hornby than John Banville. These days I have the time every day and to not use it wouldn’t be right so here I go…

Cue me being annoyed by everyone I know a la “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” until I’m finished and for the subsequent years of rejection from publishers…

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea?


PS It’s already brought me a wonderful moment though. Am spending a lot of mornings in my favourite cafe making notes and just the other day an older man smiled as he passed me and asked “doing your homework, eh?”

That’s definitely going in.

8 thoughts on “Hassle Me…

  1. LOL @ Twenty!!

    Seriously though, well done, best of luck with it! I can’t imagine I’d ever have gone so publically about announcing it, you really are opening yourself up to untold harassing until you have it completed!!

    Let’s just hope that this doesn’t get in the way of your other, more important writing projects!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. I have his picture in front of me on my desk as I write Twenty as a constant guide and inspiration….


    28 minutes for the first slag though… Is that some kind of record? Sweet…


  3. Hi Rick…
    Coincidentally, last night I tried to RESUME writing my book, which I had last contributed to sometime toward the end of last year.

    In spite of wanting to get back into it, I spent all evening trying to find other things to do besides write, then I switched the computer on, and put your show on…and played spider solitaire for a bit. THEN you talked about your literary ambitions and that spurred me to start.

    I only added another 281 words, but I’m not too bothered-once I wrote SOMETHING new, the evening wasn’t a dead loss.

    I reckon it’ll get better as I go on:it’s just a matter of getting a rhythm of writing for a definite amount of time every other day.

    Unlike you, I’ve deliberately avoided telling anyone about my book…that way if I never complete it or it never gets published I won’t have people slagging me over it.

    That’s why I’m posting this to your blog…if anyone’s anal enough to try backtracking and finding out what IP this post was made from, they’ll find it was an internet cafe.


  4. Go u Rick!! Can’t wait to read it!! Ever need a second opinion before u publish it (see I have faith in u finishing it!!) send it my way!!! Best of luck with it!! πŸ˜‰
    A xxx

  5. Ric my man I heard your show last night and how you’ve decided to write a book. Well good on ya… I have written one kids fantasy book and I’m in the middle of the second part of what will be a triolgy, daunting… I have an agent in the States and we hope to publish my book within the coming year. But if you have a story then its easy but my one piece of advice is this- let the story write itself, go where your characters take you not where you take your characters. I have a bebo page, Lord Cundra, wanna talk about writing give me a shout. best o luck. P in Carlow

  6. funny thing, im writing a book, you wouldnt think it, a 23 year old trying her arm at it, but the best thing is, its for kids and other funsized people, subsequently thats the title of it too, but because of that I have an excuse for it to be childish and a little crap, im also gonna illustrate the short stories and poems, so Heres to our writing days and ongoing head aces!! πŸ™‚

    Good luck rick πŸ™‚

    Lette πŸ™‚

  7. fair play to u. i think u are a crap DJ but it really takes guts to admit u are writing a book like that. hope it goes well.

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