Hello from AmandaF

Hey there,

There’s no need to adjust your sets – Rick’s blog has not been invaded. Rather, he’s kindly invited me, Amanda (trusty researcher extraordinaire), to get posting so that you guys will know what’s coming up on the show each day.

So from next Tuesday – I don’t work bank holidays dahlings – check back here to find out what mischief we’ll be getting up to between 6pm and 9pm on RTE 2fm. And if you’re hoping I’ll be dishing the dirt on Rick with behind the scene insider info, then you’re not mistaken but I’ll need some incentive to do so… 🙂 all gifts and bribes should be posted c/o 2fm in Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

I can say now that we will be having one of Ireland’s most promising new bands, Hybrasil, live in studio and the guys will be – fingers crossed – playing an acoustic number for us so you can’t miss that.

Check back on Tuesday afternoon for more details. Until then, enjoy the BH weekend! Normal service now resumes…


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  1. Welcome to the blog.I’m sure rick has told you all about me…….huh he hasnt,that fiend

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