4 thoughts on “Help?

  1. Hi Rick,

    I dont know why it happens but it seems to be a problem with the template and stylesheet. It renders correctly on my PC using Firefox but not IE.

  2. I dont know too much bout HTML but it has happened me before too. It happens when a picture is inserted which is too big for the size of the column itself. This forces everything down beyond the main body of text so that the picture displayed correctly. (it looks like the clock thingy is too big from what i can see)

    To fix it you either have to:
    A. Adjust you template code for the webpage(I wouldnt recommend it unless u know HTML fairly well)or
    B remove the HTML code for the picture causing the issue (the clock)

  3. Might give that a lash Noel but weird thing is that the clock’s been there for ages and this only started this week…


  4. Actually i thought about it after i left the comment and it actually might have been a picture in one of ur posts couldve been too big instead of the clock. That would explain why it only happened recently. Anyways looks as if you fixed it in any case.

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