Here it comes! Here comes the…..

I have a new love in my life.

The Dublin to Cork Intercity train 🙂
Was down to Kerry at the weekend so had half of the trip in first class (I know, desperately egalitarian of me) in one of these:
It’s purdy. And comfy. And there’s a hydraulic button on your seat to move it back and forth like a hospital bed…
And an electronic map that tells you where you are! I know, easliy impressed….

Given that I have to be aware of my carbon footprint these days (feckin enviroment!) it’d almost be enough to make me give up Aer Arann…


One thought on “Here it comes! Here comes the…..

  1. I take your fancy cork train and raise you the extra hard seated, small tabled, lack of enough seating/leg room on the Sligo train…3 hours of torture I thought we were promised the “first” new trains!

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