How Can I Possible Have Missed Noam Chomsky Coming To Dublin…?

In what might come as an unexpected revelation to readers of this particular blog of a low ranking national radio presenter I’ve just become VERY excited about someone who’s coming to town at the end of the month.

Not a singer, not a movie star, not a professional wrestler, not Shayne from X Factor…

“You’d better watch out, you’d better not spy, you’d better not clout I’m telling you why… Noam Chomsky’s coming to town…”

Who, Rick?

Fair enough… He’s the emeritus professor of linguistics at MIT; grammar and linguistics are his field but he’s also one of the foremost left-wing political thinkers in the world, has written such brilliant books in recent years as Hegemony Or Survival, Understanding Power and Rogue States and he’s coming to Dublin to deliver the annual Amnesty lecture which they’ve had to move to the RDS to accomodate numbers…

Think I’ve found out way, way too late to get a ticket but if anyone knows better…..? – 🙂

In Fact, Ah have a really interesting posting on it…


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