I Bet You Look Good On My Dad’s Floor

Went to Arctic Monkeys last weekend at the behest of my 9 year old. Look – that’s me on the bridge of Una’s nose!!! God, I love fame.
Anyhew, I was tired and sober so maybe that’s what made all the songs blur into one, that or the constant having to have my radar on to make sure my guy (who was dancing around wildly and having a whale of a time!) wasn’t mowed over by drunk teenagers or cigarette burned my some lad who thought he was Bez from the Happy Mondays.
Second favourite surreal moment of the day? The guy wearing the “I Bet You Look Good On My Dad’s Floor” t-shirt. It may have been home made and a decent chat-up line…
My favourite surreal moment of the day is here:

Didn’t realise they confiscated these things and then left them out in case you were arsed to come back.

2 thoughts on “I Bet You Look Good On My Dad’s Floor

  1. That’s funny with the umbrellas! I guess it’s more hygienic than leaving out confiscated drink…

  2. There’s a Rick on my nose, gedditoffgedditoff!

    I went to Pink on Saturday in Malahide and one of the older beefy security guards with a megaphone was telling people what they were confiscating by saying, “no glass, no bottles, no umbrellas ella ella.” Quite amusing.

    I’d hate to see how big that pile would be at a Rihanna gig.

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