I’ll Have A Double…

So it turns out there’s more than one of me…

I mean we all (I think) have the thought in the back of our heads that somewhere out there is our double. Someone who looks, talks, walks and possibly even thinks like us. The only reason we’ve never met them is that they live on Easter Island or whatever.

A bunch of friends were out last night and they came across mine. His name is Jason, he listens to the show…. Hello Jason!


Whaddya think?


3 thoughts on “I’ll Have A Double…

  1. Heh, bit mad alright! Apparently I look like some bloke off Fair City, used to get stopped every now and then and asked if I was him. Hasn’t happened in a while so, I dunno if he’s still in it. Couldn’t tell you his name either…and never checked it out to see if it was true.

    Anyways, that’s my 2 cents….S Club boy!! ;o)

  2. Mother of Jaysis and all the saints! Run Rick, run quite fast!

    He’s the image of you! Seperated at birth perhaps?

  3. Arghh. Identical.

    Could you sue him for defemation of charcter or something equally random?

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