Irish Bloggers On The Fanning Show…

I’m guesting on Fanning this Thursday as Dave has very graciously decided to cover the Irish Blog Awards on his show (2FM 6 to 7.30) and is well into hearing from Irish bloggers about what they do, why they do it etc….

Mail with a few bits and pieces about your blog and they’ll get back to you…


4 thoughts on “Irish Bloggers On The Fanning Show…

  1. Crikey you’re becoming a one man publicity machine for the blog awards – nice one! Who’s going to present you with yours on Saturday, that’s the thing!

  2. Oh I wouldn’t worry about that… Hear that is providing stiff competition….



  3. Well I emailed Dave…A girl has to do something to maintain her em…”stiff” stakes in the competition *ahem*

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