Irish Medical Times…

Thanks to the lovely guys at Irish Medical News who’ve done a feature on having epilepsy.

Have a gander HERE

Thank God they don’t reprint the photo of me in the magazine on the website…….



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  1. Do you “dj” in clubs as well? What about “strobe” lighting etc, wouldn’t that be a trigger factor? Also are you worried you might swallow your tongue? I’d hate to see and have to help someone having an epileptic seizure. I used to work with a woman who had epilepsy and she always had a wooden spoon with her, in case she had a seizure and swallowed her tongue, Thank God she didn’t when I was about.This has started me I’ll be Googling “epilepsy” now to see what the lates is about it.

  2. Hey Cyber – honest questions I like 🙂 I do (very rarely these days it has to be said ) dj in clubs but it’s only about 4 percent of us who are photosensitive and as such affected by strobes.

    The whole tongue swallowing thing is an old wives tale mostly – you’re more likely to do damage to someone by trying to jab a wooden spoon into their mouth 🙂

    Thanks for the honest questions – is a good resource and Wikipedia isn’t bad either –

    Cheers for the post…

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