Iron Man – The Competition!


Thanks to Vincent over at the excellent and well worth a surf we have 5 double passes to their preview screening of the feverishly anticipated Iron Man on April 30th in Dublin.

This seemed like a bit of a wheeze as I’ve never done one before, so just invent an amusing, surreal, brilliant caption for the picture below from the film. 5 best captions win.

Closing date is midnight on Sunday, make sure you include a proper contact e-mail in the comment form and away yiz go!

16 thoughts on “Iron Man – The Competition!

  1. Hi Rick, caption competition entry “Terry, I know i’ve just fallen off the wagon but where have my cards gone? I had a royal flush”

  2. “Rick was so shocked he needed support when Ruth Scott did her roulette wheel dance.” — amazing what you pick up from celebrity jigs and reels.

  3. Though he claimed he wasn’t superstitious, Tony Stark insist he touch his lucky high ranking military officer before every bet.

  4. Looking conspicous as ususal could luck be up for Iron man, as officer stands looking in awww at the proess of the man in the shades in top form at the roulette table…Mmmmm….

  5. i assume you’ve seen this…perhaps you’ve even posted it…but just in case…its maybe around about the funniest youtube video i’ve seen yet…

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