It Happened One Night


Very little point on me writing much about Soundcheck the other night for two important reasons.

1> Everyone else has done it so well and so extensively already:

In particular, of course, the incredible Mr Doyle:

And 2> My memories might not be the most accurate.

Anyhew… I remember walking in to Dakota to see, all around one table, Mulley, Maman Poulet, Lexi, Debbiemet, BenHairyfish, Darren, Lottie, Darragh, Orpington, Maxi, PeterD… I’m missing people here, aren’t I? You could have dropped a grenade and Twitter would have gone silent the next day…

Then at various other times in the evening meeting (or hallucinating meeting) Pixie Von Dust and Greenofeye.

Over to Spy to meet the glorious Una:



And the lovely Dublin Streets:



Contrary to their trash talk earlier spotted me a shot of sambuca 🙂 Owe yiz one lads…

Met the FLApes!!!!!!!! No, seriously! We discussed just how much I love the album, how they read here (howyiz…..), The Dark Knight and, of course, just how hot beards are right now…



Did my set. Vaguely remember playing them, Dan Le Sac, Jay-Z, AC/DC, Fratellis, Gilbert O’Sullivan, The Happy Mondays, Delorentos, The Loose and The Spice Girls. Seriously. Then slow dancing to Chris DeBurgh’s Lady In Red. The scenesters didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Una then suggested a bit of a tag team and got all competative. I remember at one point trumping her Bonnie Tyler with Debaser by The Pixies which she promptly blew out of the water with The Gossip yelling “in your face space coyote!!!” Or something.



The next hour or so was a bit blurry…



At 2am I fell by the wayside (literally) but left them behind some of the actual knickers that the bloggerinos had thought so kindly to bring, and throw…



Will definitely be back, possibly for RPs rumoured set in October… One thing we did confirm though and put to bed for good – Mulley can shoot lasers from his eyes.



Glady we settled that then…

14 thoughts on “It Happened One Night

  1. Really looked like a blast, so bummed I missed it.
    And grenade or not Twitter was very quiet the next day.
    Glad ye had fun, hope I’ll make it to one soon, or ye will take it on tour and come to Amsterdam. Elf

  2. 🙁 Hallucinating? You certainly did meet me! I love the laser-beam-Mulley pic. It’s his superpower! Mine is saying ‘whoopah’ instead of ‘whachich’

  3. Great to meet you and every one else, thanks for the link too.

    Sorry I missed your set, but I would have requested songs that take away from my incredibly butch persona!

  4. Rick, remember when you wanted to know what a Tweetup was? Well, this was essentially one.. 🙂 One with lots of cool music, silly dancing and lots of laughs. Yes and booze too!

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