9 thoughts on “It’s Seoige & O’SHEA…

  1. U wish Rick….Grainne shes clearly in love wit me(But she doesnt Know it yet)…If Grainne Seoige never gets abducted and the Garda Síochána na hÉireann perform a google search wit “Grainne Seoige” AND “abducted” im suspect Number1….But seriously things wont be the same without Joe, and all the Joe moments he provided week in week out such as missing his queue,talking into the wrong camera and then getting the Evil (E-VOL) eyes from Grainne…HILL-larry-IOUS…used to keep us students in stitches..
    I never found out if they changed the start after Joe got done for D.D…Neone know? Did they both drive to work and then Joe had to get the LUAS…sumthing like that…

  2. I’m probably the only man in Ireland who doesn’t find her attractive at all. something cold about her.

    Don’t see Ray taking the job at all. He’s a family man now and I’d say the radio show takes up enough of his time as it is. he’d be mad to do it as any male presenter on the show is only going to play second fiddle to Seoige.

  3. Sure you’ve enough with the radio show too, and blogging and the kids and a stack of books that will last you from here to armageddon 🙂 you never read Black Swan Green yet did you?

  4. Y’know I can see them giving it to Rick, even if it is just so they don’t have to change the name of the programme and won’t have to spend too much changing the opening titles 😉

    … but of course, it would also be for his sparkling wit, gift of the gab, brilliance at the banter and dashing good looks. Natch.

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