Killing The Last Ten Minutes Of Lunch Hour…

My continuing interest in trivia and minutiae is always bubbling just under the surface… I’m always particularly fascinated by the Google searches that bring people here… Even in the last day there have been:

Orla O’Shea Profile

TV On The Radio 2005

JCB Song On 2FM

Dave Fannings Favorite Music” (American spelling… Interesting…)

Barenaked Ladies, Orangutan Song

Jamie Cullum Girlfriend

Kerri O’Shea” (Freaky…)


Brown Thomas Vs House Of Fraser” (!!!)

And while I’ve given up on listing the country locations they’ve become so varied (I do really wonder what someone from the Phillipines makes of all this) I have had my first visitors from Lima in Peru, Bombay in India and Kronstad in Norway in the last 12 hours…

The wonders of modern technology…