Letting The Side Down…

Yeah, yeah I know – the first day the show has been on that there hasn’t been a proper entry (and yes, I know the days I posted 8 times don’t even up the distribution!) so a few links and a great game:

DOOGLE.ORG – Does what it says on the tin – a google-a-like in which the search options are drink, arse, feck and girls and it works too!

AMZ SITE – Show listener (and blog poster) Amz from Houston showing just how fun must be had…

And the game shown to me, as all truly weird things are, by DO’D. Take an edition of the Golden Pages, pick a page between 1 and 2000, top, middle or bottom and left , middle or right and that’s what you’re going to get for Xmas 🙂

Played it with listeners on the show tonight and many weren’t happy to be getting forklifts, accountants or plasterers… Ingrates…


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