Listeners Disturbing Photoshop Work……

Alan is the sort of person who’s really putting the effort into their obsession with the show 🙂

The work below is his:

And Popeland continues in a similar vein (although feck knows why!!! Are they communicating in some way?!?!?!)

No, no more, please….. Although I’m thinking of making the Mr T one my official press shot 🙂


PS Yes, much much happened over the weekend and all will be revealed (possibly with pics if I can manage!) late on this evening here and on the show

0 thoughts on “Listeners Disturbing Photoshop Work……

  1. hahaha!! sal, i here ur on a journey of discovery?? click on my name, theres the link to my humble little blog….

    I know rick, im really sorry, bumpin my blog, but because of u im loosin my readers!! 😮

    bold boy, BOLD!!…

  2. Ah janey mack, I was only tryin to do something to win an oul Killers cd. I can communicate on many different levels, of which Photoshop is just one and it’s the “I’m addicted to Photoshop and I’ve nothing better to do right now but annoy the arse off Rick” 🙂

    Saving grace is that using Photoshop is part of my day to day business so its all good!


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