6 thoughts on “MacGyver!!!!

  1. It’s MacGyver! It’s Col Jack O’Neill! It’s MacGyver! It’s Col Jack O’Neill!!

    The worlds of fandom have collided and I’m a vey happy woman! Rick you are a star and I’m in your debt forever for having an interview with Rick himself. But there is one thing that can make me even happier, one thing that’ll make this moment complete. What time, roughly, do you think you’ll be taking to him at? It’s just that I started a new job today that doesn’t finish ’til 3:45, and would like to know whether or not I have to sneak out to my car for a sneaky listen?

    Oh, and you’ve got to ask him which show has the most obsessive/dedicated fans…MacGyver or Stargate SG1?

  2. Hello anonymous! Congrats on the new job. I’d say just after 3 is a fair bet (always subject to late change)

  3. Hey Rick, thanks! The first day’s over and the new job’s going well.

    I’ve been the anonymous poster for a while now…(thanked you for the Mic Christopher song a while back). But, I feel it’s time to give myself a name here…so…

    After 3? Okay, sounds like there’ll be the sounds of 2fm coming from a certain classroom tomorrow. 😉 But, just in case, will the interview be posted on-line?

    Thanks again!

  4. okay, I’m a happy woman Rick. Not only did the radio on my phone work perfectly, but it also sounded like Richard Dean Anderson was on speaker phone on my phone. Thanks for that great interview, he really is a genuinely nice man and it was great to listen to an interview.

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