29 thoughts on “Magick Macabre….?

  1. hell yea, saw it on the late late, very kool. anyone know anymore about the guy doin the tricks? is he irish?

  2. The music was deadly and all the small tricks were done very well. I was just a bit disappointed with the big illusions.

  3. oh and what was with the sexy nurse taking off her clothes for the curtain call, I have nothing against that kind of thing, I’m all for it but I just couldn’t see the point of it.

  4. saw it on sat night. brilliant show, not sure how u your disappointed with the big illusions!!! were u at the same show! ok one or two off the shelf stuff but the sawing, the body being built, the drill!!! i just think it needs more blood and am not sure about some of the music choices. 9/10.

  5. Absolutely dreadful show!! Riverdream must have some power for people to be suffering from a severe case of the Emperor’s New Clothes and endorsing this

  6. Super show loved it! Did hear a few unsatisfied comments but you can’t please everybody. I think some people get annoyed when they feel they are being fooled.

  7. I was at the show last night and must say I was very impressed. The large illusions were amazing. Superb

  8. Saw show after running Dublin marathon thought it was great kept me on the edge of my seat second row how did he get the body parts to move is a mystery to me. Great way to end my stay in Dublin.

  9. We went to the Midnight show on Halloween. There was a lot of prancing about the place and not too many illusions. When he started doing the cane floating in mid-air trick I thought I’d come to a kids birthday party! You can get that trick in any joke shop! It was all a bit amateurish for my liking. The show came to an abrupt end during the knives/bed trick. The platform with knives got jammed when the gimp tried to crank it upwards. The stage hand who came on had no luck getting it going either and so the curtain came down. We decided to cut our losses and get out before we had to endure any more of this rubbish!! Don’t bother going is my advice!

  10. that last comments is madness! we were at the midnight show on halloween and the audience went wild for the show! i know the bed thingy didnt work but thats the fun of live shows.
    i work in a radio station and he was in doing an interview last week hence 6 of us went from here. we were all talking about it yesterday. its soo different.

  11. lol that appears to be the case! im going on the LOVE it side. We went on a sports and social nite out and we all loved it. Even got to meet the magician in the bar after. its on my myspace now. score!

  12. I really loved it. I thought the music was great and the illusions were very well played out. It’s a fun show, I think you do need to have an open mind to it though, some eejit woman sitting behind me spent the whole thing whispering to her friend ‘I can see the string’ ‘ It’s definitely mirrors’ etc. For feck sake, clearly, it is a fecking illusion and you only see that stuff if you *look* for it. Grrr, people annoy me.

  13. was at it las wednesday. its a brilliant show. i wasnt sure what to think as the curtain goes up as it starts off quite serious but it goes into pure madness and fun. its so different. the ending is like something from a hollywood movie!

  14. Wow went on sat i thought it was amazing nd e was reali v good looking!! music was surperb 1010

  15. oh indeed. going this wednesday night – saw him on ireland am being interviewed…quite the hottie. who cares about the show! lol

  16. My wife and myself loved the show. We both saw David Coppefield las year in Las Vegas and i can honestly say this show was every bit as good. AND hes irish too! Well impressed!!!

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