Maths Problem – How Many Pints Would You Have To Drink In Tajikistan Before You Were In Profit, Having Travelled There From Dublin?

See, I saw this in the paper today, about how Tajikistan has the cheapest pints in the world…

Roughly 35c a pint.

And we got to wondering in the office, how many pints would you have to drink there after having flown from Dublin in order for it to be financially worth your while.

Simple, eh?

Well, the cheapest flight I could find from Dublin to Dushanbe had one stopover in Paris, would only take around 31 hours and cost €705. Fair enough.

The average price of a pint in Ireland is roughtl €4.50 according to:

Therefore you’d have to bring 169.87 pints to make the cost of the trip worthwhile.

It’s the way my brain works…