Millennium Postin’….


Do you have any idea how long this has taken??!?!?!?

For the 1000th posting I decided to keep it simple. I started reading back over the last two and a bit years of stuff I’d written and realised how much of it I’d forgotten, and how much of it I’d enjoyed writing at the time, and just how surreal some of it was 🙂

So, in completely no order, my favourite postings of the 1000…

Earwax that looks like John Lennon

The Chili’s secret gig in London

Blog Awards 06 and Blog Awards 07

South Park Rick and Ruth


How to deal with getting fired

The one with old people conversations

The most extraordinary day of my life

People still Google the Eamonn Dunphy rant

The breakfast show memories post

The scariest mail I ever recieved

Lord of the swings

Rock, paper, Saddam!!

A religious experience…

Anfield – Part One, Part Two, Part Three

The only newspaper column I’ve ever written

Is the planet shaking…?

Dave Fanning’s favourite joke

Baby black ops

Christmas Park Jobs Of The Rich & Famous

And Part Two

And the original PJOTRAF!!! With more HERE

Jaysus! What a playlist…

Dogtag – the original epilepsy posting

Ketchup… Catsup…

Damien McCaul’s “Jesus Of The Shadows”

Busiest. Week. Ever.

And the second busiest…

Scaring tyre fitters

The mushroom that looked like the Starship Enterprise

The greatest books ever!

Download your own Dan Hegarty mask!

The complete legendary “Messages my coffee is sending me”!!!!!

The equally legendary “Lindy’s People

Taking illegal pictures in the Hugh Lane

Google build supercomputer to take over the world

Una does Screen Dating

There’s no face like Noam 🙂

Punctuation Ruining The Nation – HERE, HERE, HERE

Food Shaped like Ireland – Part I

Food Shaped like Ireland – Part II

The one where I dressed in Gerry Ryan’s Eurovision jacket

The last day of the breakfast show

Oxegen 06 – Part One, Part Two, Part Three

“I can’t believe it is a magazine”

Snoop Madra

Bryan Dobson strips

The war against error

1000. Jaysus. Think of the novel I could have written at this stage! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Millennium Postin’….

  1. Happy belated 1000th – sorry my greeting is not as eloquent as 20’s.

  2. Aw shucks guys, thanks 🙂 Am particularly impressed I got Twenty to use a word as flouncy as dilly-dallying… Book’s going to have more than its fair share of Jane Austen-isms so 😉

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