Minor Actors

Watching Die hard 4.0 as I type.

Less said about that the better but I did recognise one of the henchmen. It just took me an hour of hard thinking to remember where from (I do that thing with minor actors in movies quite a lot. Spent the better part of a half-watched Hulk trying to remember Sam Elliott’s second name the other night) 

The guy in Die hard was the bald cop in a brilliant piece of French parkourarama called District 13…

4 thoughts on “Minor Actors

  1. Aye- do that all the time with the minor actors…unfortunately the more movies you watch the more it happens- wish they had a computer kiosk at Cineworld hardwired to IMDB:-) I did however recognized this guy straight-off from District 13- standout stunts and the moves are very distinctive!

  2. Cyril Raffaelli is the name of the actor just in case you were wondering, he’s more known as a stuntman rather than an actor though. Coincidently he’s a stunt man in the new hulk movie coming out!
    Happy New Year!!!

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