Moving House?

Una is musing about moving to WordPress. Had the same thought myself over the weekend, I’ve even registered one for the sake of experimentation. Loads of far more techie minded mates have been telling me it’s the done thing for a long time now but I’m not so sure…

It’s not that I’m not fairly good with these things, just a little wary of new stuff when it comes to my most prized possessions.

I do love the range of looks they seems to have as the small amount of fairly boring templates here are getting on my wick.

Anyone got any suggestions either way?

4 thoughts on “Moving House?

  1. Move is pretty painless. I was done and dusted in about 15 minutes. Some of the videos didn’t embed and needed a little tweaking. Takes a while to get used to but I think it’s been worth it so far.

    Make sure you pick a template with a changeable header so you can put your own image on the top and make it more personal.

  2. Would highly recommend it Rick. It’s fine being on a platform like Blogger but when you want addition control, it’s nice to be able to chop and change as you feel like it. WordPress (and other software like it) have built in scripts to cope with imports from Blogger.

    You’ll have no shortage of offers in terms of tech help so just let us know.

  3. Come over to the dark side, Rick! Actually, come to think of it, it’s quite nice and bright and very easy to use. My favourite bit is when you roll over a link and it gives a snapshot of the webpage/ plays the youtube video! Very snazzy!

  4. Thanks guys – think I’ll experiment with it when I get the chance but with everyone saying positive things…

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