Mushrooms, Peter Griffin and JCBs…

Great quote I saw today on Piaras Kelly PR’s blog:

“If my doctor told me I had six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster – Isaac Asimov”

In the spirit of that… A couple of late entries in the stupid blog competition for piccies in your phone:

Something Sniz found in a wood behind Sligo Town…

Darran’s old school principal who looks just like Peter Griffin…

David O’D was brill last night; sometimes it’s weird interviewing someone you know personally (particularly when the erstwhile part of our little Bermuda Triangle Claire was texting in listening in the car on her way home from somewhere) but he was great as usual 🙂

I’ll be heading down on Friday to check out his run in The Project ahead of him fecking off to support Rich Hall on his month long UK & Ireland tour.

Live Revs on the show tonight recorded at Oxegen and they’ll be turning up in person on Thursday to talk about fly fishing, scuba diving and console games of the 1980s.

Huge reaction to Nizlopi’s The JCB Song last night and suggestions in the UK that it’s a dark horse for the Xmas number one (not that that matters!) The beautiful and brilliant video is HERE


PS Still fascinated by the searches that are bringing people here.. Some recent ones include:

“may the fourth be with you”
o shea blog 2fm
Tales of Endurance (Parts 1
profile of Johnny Logan
picture phones

And still loads of referrals everyday from the mention the blog is getting on the Irish Times technology homepage