My Precccccccccccious……


I got one of these over the weekend.

Oh my, but it’s very pretty.

And I now have a 5 megapixel camera and enough memory to hold 8,000 photos. Expect my photoblogging to increase as a result 🙂

My preccccccccccccious……

4 thoughts on “My Precccccccccccious……

  1. My oh my.. Was eyeing one of these up at the weekend too.. Considering switching back to Vodafone to get one on the cheap.

  2. i’d truly hate to see your budget for tech toys. maybe there is no budget, in which case i’d hate to see your credit card bill! (or maybe you stole itsss from the dark lord, in which case youd better be on the lookout for any hobbitsessss)

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