My Sunglasses Are Famous

This is the Aussie kid who hosted the party that caused €20,000 worth of damage including the call out fee for the policecopter at the weekend.

The interweb has a new superstar… 

6 thoughts on “My Sunglasses Are Famous

  1. i saw this on the news last night. the guy’s an idiot, but then so is the woman who tried to turn it into a proper news story. sheesh. why give this guy his 15 minutes of fame?

  2. ah come on, if it was in an irish housing estate it wouldnt be as funny because it would never have gotten this big but like all the guy did was throw a party!

    He’s thick but fair play to him for the interview, the woman interviewing him was short of asking him to apologise for WWII!

    Granted he’s a galoot but i fair play to him! Some people weren’t brought up but were dragged up…

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