My Teensy Weensy Problem

Here’s my enormous quandry.

Just looked at the dates for Leccie Picnic (not very good at those kind of things). It’s the week I’m supposed to be out of the country for my summer holidays (although I have nothing booked yet and only myself to worry about and please).

What to do………?

9 thoughts on “My Teensy Weensy Problem

  1. Give me your tickets and your N95 – I’ll take loads of pictures and you can relive it when you return from your holliers! 😉

    Second option: take me away somewhere with good weather and lots of sangria. We’ll make our own sweet music, Baby! :p

  2. out of the country – picnic, out of the country – picnic. hmm… i know what i’d do

  3. Darren, take away my fourth child from me? Never! As for the other did you get sunstroke at the weekend? 😉

    CS, working on that…

    Rosie, think I might be doing it the other way round but not bad…

  4. Rick, lol – I think I did. I’m still very very red. No one warned me there’d be sunshine!

  5. Rick

    thats not a dilemma – stand up staright get in the duff [ yeah yeah ]and realise you are a man!

    After all we’ve been through mate…

    so you’re going??!!!

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