Never Gonna Give Thee Up…

In the pub last night with some mates.

One of them tells me about the project one of her friends has embarked on with his students. He’s a lecturer. She shows me.


The idea – to Rickroll his students.

He’s been inserting random lyrics from Never Gonna Give You Up into his classes on classical literature.

As he says himself:

“The project is simple: I’m a lecturer in liberal arts teaching adults literature on a college programme, and my object is to Rickroll every lecture and tutorial class I teach over the course of this semester. Your standard Rickroll would, of course, be to offer some poor dupe a misleading link which, when clicked, will redirect him to a video of Rick Astley’s classic 80s hit Never Gonna Give You Up. For a man of letters, however, that kind of trickery isn’t subtle enough. Plus, I don’t want to be unethical and waste actual teaching time playing pranks on the students – this is only a game, and their education of course comes first. So what I intend to do is to slip a phrase, or lyric, from the song into every one of my classes, and use this blog to record the convoluted ploys I use to work Rick’s magic into my students’ lives.

How long will it take them to rumble me? Let’s find out!

You have to read this:

So far no-one has rumbled him.

He is my new idol.

8 thoughts on “Never Gonna Give Thee Up…

  1. That’s a great idea, I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on his blog to see how long it takes for them to twig it.

    I just wonder if it drags on a bit, will he have to start introducing lines even more frequently per class, to up the stakes. I can see him managing one or two lines per class quite easily, but 4-5 would be a real challenge.

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