Now Officially Magic

This is part of me not fully encompassing that people listen to the show. We’re asking people the phrase that wrecks their day. You know the sort of thing. Maybe they have to say it all day themselves like “do you want fries with that” or maybe it’s something people say to them, like teachers who hear “TEACHER!!!” a hundred times a day.

Then we got this:

Pick a card! From keith barry. 

We, of course, rang the voicemail back. It was him. I find it bizarre to think that anyone listens every day, let alone celebrities. This freaks me out almost as much as the time Caroline Morohan pulled her car over to the side of the road and rang us with advice about a problem someone was having.



3 thoughts on “Now Officially Magic

  1. Poor old Keith – that must drive him mad alright but it can’t be as bad as the “fries with that” or “teacher”. My own phrase101 is “Where are the toilets”… I can’t say how much this pisses me off. There is a HUGE sign in the Jervis Shopping Centre indicating where they are and they stop at my stall 100 times a day asking that question. I can be on the phone, talking to a customer, anything – but the majority will blurt out the question without so much as an “excuse me” first. The percentage who extend the small courtesy of a “thanks” when you direct them, is tiny. Manners me arse.

  2. i dont have a phrase that wrecks my day, mainly cause im in my own little cubby office doing my own thing. the phrase that makes my day – heard at least twice a week – is ‘would you like a piece of chocolate?’

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