Now We Are 5…

Blogger seems to be arsing me about when it somes to downloading photos so it may be tomorrow before I can get the rest of the photos up… C’est la vie.

It was my anniversary over the weekend (not my wedding anniversary – that’s on Friday and it’s out 10th, thank you for asking) but marked my 5 years here.

5 years.

Seems like a lot when you type it down but it’s not really. It’ll be Christmas before RTE becomes my longest running job (fingers crossed as they always are in this business!)

Wouldn’t swap my time here for anything. Like every workplace it has its flaws (am I allowed admit that publicly? Oops, too late…) but there are too many good things about working here and too many good and talented people to work with to outweigh the bad ones…

Roll on the end of July when everything is about to get a whole lot more interesting.