Number Sick…

I’m not great at being sick, in fact I’m a crap patient. Even now, when I’m supposed to be off work ill I find it hard to rest or stop thinking. To be fair I shouldn’t have come in on Monday or Tuesday but, through whatever fluke of genetic lineage I ended up with, I only ever end up staying home when there’s no alternative.

Seriously, I never once mitched off school or took a duvet day. Something to do with the pre-Celtic Tiger “if I don’t turn up for work someone else might be sitting in my seat when I come back” attitude we all used to have in the old days 🙂

It was probably the sitting in the cold in Tullamore train station for half an hour on Tuesday that tipped me over the “now he sounds like he has consumption” line. At the moment I could easily audition to be a voice double for Satan’s 900 year old grandfather. Messy.

Still, gives me the chance to, for once, sample the delights of daytime cable tv. Yesterday I watched…

And, of course

Also managed a couple of episodes of this last night.

Bought a box set of the whole series years ago from Amazon in the US and, like so many internet purchases, it’s been waiting for its moment to shine.

Haven’t seen the series in full since I was a teenager and they re-ran it on late night RTE 2 or UTV (I forget which). It is just as wonderful and weird and smart and totally individual as I remember it being. Too tired to do any kind of review. Just watch it if you get the chance.

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  1. Did you watch “Cape Wrath” recently? I’m sure the idea came from “The Prisoner”. Worth seeing if you get a chance, 6 or 7 episodes far as I can remember.

    Sorry to hear you’re poorly, come back soon!

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