Odds AND Sods…


Loooooooong day today and thus no blogging this evening (was actually doing work connected with that evil mistress of mine – the radio show!)

Rufus Wainwright, Dave Couse, Josh Ritter… You now the score.

Had a final meeting today that will mean me taking on a role with a charity very close to my own heart. Will mean me being interviewed on the Tubridy radio show and The Afternoon Show next week but will tell you all about it here first early next week. It’s something I’m very proud of.

Actually did have a blog related thought today that I wanted to share… I always was under the impression that the concept of the blog is that of an online diary (more or less) and a way for someone to share the events of their life or their thoughts or opinions with the greater world. It’s just that I see so many blogs that are just rehashes of information in the public domain sometimes without even a line of comment.

You know the type of thing “Just announced on RTE – Steve Staunton actually an iguana (rehash press story)”…. To be fair that would be worth reprinting pretty much everywhere. I read a fair few blogs and know almost nothing about the author or what they do on a daily basis.

I know that most of the time there isn’t a huge amount to blog about in most lives and I suppose the thought is about original content. I’m always drawn to blogs that create some new information for the net as opposed to those that rehash it… Just a thought…

Someone asked me today “Why are they called blogs anyway? That’s a very ugly word. Weblog was fine in the first place.” All true…

Fair play to the Metroblog as it’s the Eircom.net site of the day today 🙂 A redesign was done in the last couple of days – it looks very spiffy with its new jacket.

To the movies tomorrow! Am a bit behind on reality so it’s either Munich, Good Night & Good Luck or Lady Vengeance… Any advice?


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  1. Munich is very good as is Good Night, and Good Luck. Haven’t seen Lady Vengeance so can’t comment there unfortunately.

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